Original African Elephant Painting on Canvas


In January 2020, I completed a daily painting challenge inspired by scenes from my travels. This piece, titled African Dreams, is an elephant painting on canvas depicting a baby elephant walking into the sunset. 

African Dreams: An African Elephant Painting on Canvas

Inspired by the life and colours of African safaris, this painting captures a young elephant looking into the pink skies of a summer sunset. 

Painted on a canvas panel using acrylic, the painting is signed on the reverse and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

These daily painting challenges created a series of completely one-off pieces, which you can enjoy at a more affordable price than my larger original pieces.

African Dreams Original Painting Details

  • Size: 20cm x 20cm 
  • Unframed
  • Signed on the reverse
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • A Julie Westmore original