I am a Bahamian-born artist living in London, continually inspired by nature and everyday life.

Since being born in The Bahamas and spending my childhood seeing seascapes, turtles and flamingoes as part of my daily life, I have also lived in Miami, Spain, and London.

These experiences are all deeply influential in my work, reflected in the colours and subjects of my paintings.

I enjoy painting wildlife and pet portraits, seascapes and cityscapes, flowers and boats - a mix of the things that have made up my daily life over the years, capturing them in a palette of hues that reflect the colour and joy in nature.


My journey to becoming an artist

In school, I was terrible at art. It wasn’t until years later when I lived in Spain that I had the confidence to pick up a paintbrush and try again - practicing in pockets of my day to grow and improve.

Then, I moved to Miami, and I began to take a more serious interest in developing my creative practice. My friends and family started buying my paintings, and I continued to explore my style of expression.

When I moved to London in 2002, seascapes and tropical flowers were a constant in my paintings, as if they were a way for my soul to bridge the gap between my past, my roots, and living abroad. I was certainly missing the warm tropical weather during the cold English winters!

The mediums I use are perfectly suited to my painting style - capturing my subjects on canvas quickly while my inspiration is at its peak. One day, I might experiment with oils - but I’m too impatient to wait for them to dry!

My Creative Process

London Calling 

My Bahamian Roots

My Bahamian roots are a constant source of inspiration for my creative practice. Living abroad, being able to capture memories of my homeland on canvas is a way to share that piece of my soul, and share the beauty of The Bahamas with those around me in Britain and beyond.

Whether it’s a seascape showing a glimpse of Bahamian light as it reflects on the ocean, the dip of a colourful flamingo’s head, or a tropical flower in full bloom, these moments of beauty are an expression of my roots - often painted during the questionable English weather!

Turtles in the Bahamas

The Impact of Hurricane Dorian 

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian caused terrible destruction to the islands of The Bahamas where my family lives. In response to this, I designed a line of bookmarks and badges to sell to raise money for the local school - Hope Town Primary School. The range raised £400 to help the school rebuild after the disaster.

Being featured in The Tribune

In Summer 2021, the Bahamian newspaper The Tribune interviewed me ahead of my feature in the RA Summer Academy. 

My painting features a Junkanoo Rusher participating in a Bahamian tradition called Junkanoo. The interview by the local Bahamian Newspaper was a proud moment being acknowledged as an artist and recognised for my artwork in the country where I was born.

You can view the interview here.

Pink Flamingo

The beginning of JWesty Design…

From picking up a paintbrush one morning in Spain, to selling my paintings to family and friends during my time in Miami, and then moving to London where my art is an expression of my Bahamian soul, my journey as an artist stretches back far beyond JWesty Design!

I stopped painting for a few years to have a family, but once my children started school, I took it up again. At that point in my life painting became an important release for me, somewhere I could lose myself for a few hours doing something that I loved. I love to inspire creativity in others, and have held art classes for both children and adults over the years.

After picking up my paintbrush again, I started exhibiting my paintings in different exhibitions around London, and then in 2019, I started JWesty Design.

Through this business, I sell my paintings alongside a wide range of products that feature my designs - including stationery, textiles, and homeware products.

All of the items in my shop are designed by me and are made in the U.K. to support the local economy and reduce the environmental impact that manufacturing abroad has on the earth.

Coming to the present day, I try to divide my time equally between my art, my business and my family.

Milestone moments for JWesty Design 

Over the years, I have been involved in numerous exhibitions and gallery events:

  • 2021 – Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  • 2019 – Parallax Art Fair Exhibition at Kensington Town Hall
  • 2018 – Landscapes Exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery, London
  • 2017 - New Artist Fair Summer Exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery, London
  • 2016 - New Artist Fair Summer Exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery, London
  • 2016 – Unleashed Exhibition at The Menier Gallery, London

2021’s interview in The Tribune, the local Bahamian Newspaper, was a proud moment for me being acknowledged as an artist and recognised for my artwork in the country where I was born.

One of my business dreams for the future is to have my paintings and products available to buy in The Bahamas!

As featured in: 

Julie Westmore Has Been Featured in a Series of Galleries & Exhibitions.

Browse my latest work

I haven’t created any new pieces recently, as I have been enjoying the RA Summer Exhibition and working on other projects.

But I hope to have a fresh canvas on my easel soon, as I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head waiting to be put on canvas!

You can browse my available paintings and products on my website currently -

However, if you take a look at the Julie Westmore Art there is a wide selection of paintings available to view and purchase for your own collection or for a special someone.

As an artist I paint what makes me happy which means I enjoy painting a variety of different subjects including wildlife, pets, seascapes, cities and still life. Bold colours and effects of light are always featured in my artwork.

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Feedback from My Customers…

“Love this painting! Your animals’ expressions are so realistic and beautiful! It’s amazing and wonderful to see every day! Thank you Julie!” Donna B.

“Love especially how discreet it is! Beautiful choice of artwork to top off this well made product. Very pleased with this purchase.” - Pamela

“This purchase was amazing- beautiful design and the most wonderful care and attention. Brilliant customer service. Highly recommended.” - Fiona P.

“These mugs are absolutely gorgeous!! They look great in my kitchen and my girls love them. It is durable and after several uses, it’s still great. The amazing artwork doesn’t wash off like other mugs on the market. Happy with my purchase.” - Nana

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