I have a wide range of products within the JWesty London series, the JWesty Animal Series, the New abstract purses, Seascape Design.

In 2019 we participated in fundraising efforts through the Hurricane Dorian Relief range.  

The JWesty London series which includes the iconic London red buses and black taxis appeals not only to tourists but to local Londoners who are looking for something different to remind them of what a beautiful city we live in.  This series is also popular for Londoners going abroad wanting to take something different from the typical London souvenirs available.


The JWesty London series has 5 designs in a variety of our products:


London Calling –  (insert photo of the original painting on the left)  This fresh design combines the old London buildings of St Paul’s Cathedral and Big Ben with the modern skyline of London Eye and skyscrapers such as the Gherkin, Shard.  An extra touch is added with the city cyclist, rollerblader, black London taxi and red double-decker bus that we all know and love.


London Cityscape – (insert photo of original painting on the left) This design depicts a modern London with the everyday hustle of city cyclists and colourful buildings mixed with the Underground,  black taxi and a red double-decker.  This design makes a great gift for London cyclists, presents for relatives abroad and just local Londoners who are proud of the city they live in!


Patriotic Taxi – (insert photo of the original painting on the left) This beautiful design is a play on the Union Jack which celebrates everything British with the iconic London black taxi.  This is a definite favourite amongst cabbie drivers!


Sunset at the Eye – (insert photo of original painting on the left) The bold yellow background was inspired by the rare London sunsets we are treated to contrasting well with the muted greys of the iconic London landmark that is the London Eye.


Eye on Big Ben – (insert photo of original painting on the left) This design captures a vibrant pink and purple sunset on with a view of the London Eye looking towards Big Ben and Westminster.




The JWesty Animal series (have it so the link to Animal series) has 4 designs in a variety of our products.


Julie’s love for animals is visible in the way she is able to capture the essence of each animal she paints with fresh strokes and minimal details.  Her animals are created from memories of her travels in Botswana and growing up in the Bahamas. 


Flamingo – (insert photo on the left) Inspired by the beautiful pink flamingoes of The Bahamas mixed with the vibrant green waters. This design is bound to make one think of summer days.


Leopard – (insert photo on the left) Painted with a beautiful teal background and the leopard sitting in front of the bars, this design represents wildlife living wild and free.


Elephants – (insert photo on the left) The design of the mother and her two baby elephants painted in grey on black background are a favourite amongst elephant lovers out there.


Zebra – (insert photo on the left) The brightly striped zebra design is a playful twist on the classical black and white stripes and appeals to those that like animal prints with a splash of colour.