JWesty Design was created in 2018 by London based, self-taught artist Julie Westmore. The idea was to showcase a selection of her modern London paintings and other designs through a variety of U.K. made products.

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'Always Creating' -  The Process


London Calling 

The Artist - Julie’s love for painting began as a hobby inspired by the simple beauty of everyday things and is now her passion and an integral part of her daily life.  Her work is found in private collections across the globe including Europe, USA, South America and The Bahamas where she was born and lived for many years.

Julie tends to use photos as a reference when she paints and can often be found taking photos on the streets of London looking for new inspiration for her paintings. 


Turtles in the Bahamas

The Dream - Julie always dreamed of having her own business.  Once the children were old enough to go to school Julie had more time for her painting. Initially she exhibited  some of her paintings at exhibitions before expanding into holding children’s art workshops and painting classes for adults. In addition, she helped illustrate a children’s book at her daughters’ school which she also co-wrote. 

Whilst these were fulfilling projects she needed something more, which is when she conceived the idea of starting her own company, using her own images.  JWesty Design allows her to be involved in the entire process: creating the artwork, choosing the product range and selecting the manufacturer.

During 2018 Julie spent her free time going to tradeshows, meeting manufacturers and selecting products. The next step was deciding which designs to launch as her initial product range and at the same learning as much as possible about starting a small business.

Julie has loved every step of this journey . 


Pink Flamingo

Made in the U.K. - Having lived in London since 2002, it is important to Julie that all JWesty Design products are not only designed in London but are manufactured in the UK.  Jwesty Design is proud to be a verified member of the Make it British Association and participate in Shop Independent events in the UK.


The first of the JWesty Series are London and the Animal Series. 

The JWesty London Series - iconic London buses and taxis appeals not only to tourists but to Londoners.  This series makes the perfect gift when travelling as these bespoke images illustrate the uniqueness of the city.

The JWesty Animal Series  - Julie’s love of animals is evident in the way she is able to capture the personality of each animal through her fresh strokes and minimal detail.  This series is drawn from memories of travels in Africa and The Bahamas.